Eating With Meat Eaters

As my views have changed over the past year, I can’t begin to tell you how much regret I have. As I sit here with people tearing the flesh of what was an innocent chicken off their bones I am filled with sadness. I was this person not that long ago. If someone tried to talk to me about vegetarianism or veganism, I’d laugh it off as craziness. I distinctly remember a group date night where one woman was vegetarian and a few of us talked about loving veal (the flesh of a baby cow).

It’s amazing how much things change when you open your eyes. I’ve put myself in the place of the animals and realize how wrong I was.

It’s hard sitting here keeping my mouth shut. I’ve talked to them about my viewpoint in the past, so saying something now will only cause tension in relationships. But all I see is death and destruction in the act of consuming flesh. So sad…