ABT: Amateur Bowlers Tour

My friend Brian Halstrom and I decided to enter a local ABT tournament this weekend. We bowled the 2:30 squad and the top two in each division auto-cut to the semi-finals. The auto-cut means you may not bowl well enough to beat 80% of the field (1 in 5), but you bowled well enough in that one squad to automatically make it. This is what happened to me 🙂

Brian of course bowled well enough to make it either way. He did make the auto-cut like I did, but he didn’t need it.

Then Sunday’s Semi-Final happened. Turns out that the wick in the oil machined didn’t engage properly, or something to this effect. So the lanes were very dry in the middle/right side of the lane. It was very easy to send the ball through the beak, or brooklyn.

After all was said and done, my tournament ended there. I was +2 (602 with handicap) for the three games, 489 scratch. It was tough, and I did not do a good job adjusting to the conditions.

I had a lot of fun and plan on entering more tournaments this year. If you haven’t tried a tournament, I would highly recommend giving it a shot. I wish I would have entered them much more when I was younger. Live and learn…

I used a combination of my [bowlingball value=”6991″/] and my [bowlingball value=”6918″/]. Both great bowling balls.

[bowlingball value=”6991,i150l”/][bowlingball value=”6918,i150r”/]