jQuery Mobile Select Box Not Showing Up

jQuery Mobile is a great framework with lots of great out-of-the-box magic.

I am in the middle of converting a site over from a full website to a mobile version. I was really frustrated when I tried to click on a select box and nothing would happen. If my header/footer were fixed, they would just toggle on and off. I assumed it was the fixed positioning, and I was wrong.

Through some FireBug debugging, I found the problem. It probably won’t affect many people, but it’s worth pointing out. I had a set a width through CSS on the select item for the desktop version. When I ported into the mobile version, I left the CSS width in there. So if I happened to click on the very far left of the button, it worked.

I removed the width and all is right in the world again. 🙂


Running Apache Benchmark (ab) and receiving apr_socket_recv: Connection reset by peer (54)

I was having this issue and was getting quite frustrated. All of my researched turned up nothing. Finally I decided to run this from another machine instead of my Mac, and it worked just fine. So this had nothing to do with my server, it was a client side related issue.

I still don’t know what caused it. I was just able to identify the issue and thus find a work around.


Google +1 Button Shows Zero (0) Count When Not Logged Into Google Account

I had a situation that my boss pointed out yesterday that was very confusing.

He was on a competitor’s website and their +1 button was showing a count. However, the same product on our website was showing 0. I knew that I had +1’d it.

So I go to my machine and I see (3) +1’s. I logout of Google and sure enough the 3 went away. ?!?!?!?

I was so confused that I went as far as copying the +1 code from the competitor’s site and theirs showed a number and ours still did not until I logged in. My mind was boggled.

Next step: ask another person in the office to create a Google Profile and +1 our product. Bringing our +1’s up to 4. There you have it, it showed whether I was logged in or out of Google.

I hope this save someone else time from searching hours for an answer. It was ridiculously confusing. Why is 4 the magic number?