YNAB: You Need A Budget

I have been getting on a soap box a lot lately, and thought I would take a moment to put my words into a blog post. This will be a long post, but I have so much passion for this right now that I have to write it down.

I am terrible with money. I live well, but like most people, at the end of the month, the money is gone and I don’t know where it went.

My wife and I have been saying to each other that we need a budget. She or I would take the first step to start an excel document, load up a bunch of numbers, and then pretend we never saw it. Because we would get so overwhelmed, it just never got completed or looked at.

That is… until I found YNAB. Something in this program made the whole idea of managing money click for me. I don’t know why, or how, it just did. They have fantastic videos on their approach, and do it in a very personable manner.

Of course, you will still not have any money at the end of the month (at first), but I think if you stick with it… that will change.

So my challenge to you. If you are someone that knows me well enough (mostly family), and you want to try You Need A Budget, start your free trial now. You have 35 days to use it. If at the end of 35 days, you are convinced that this is for you, but you truly can not afford the $60, I will buy it for you. (Disclaimer: I have the right to turn down any request for any reason) 😀

Keep your categories simple. Track your major expenses, and if you have a bad habit you want to quit, create a category just for that. Track what you are spending and then make an honest assessment. You will be amazed that when you start budgeting and realize that to pay for that habit, you have to knowingly remove money from savings, that you may just want to stop that habit anyway.

And I like the idea of paying yourself first. Start with a small percentage, say 5%. When you get your check, let’s say it’s $100, first things first, put $5 into your savings category. Yes, you may need to use that, but do it anyway. Then when you are budgeting the rest of your money, you will have to knowingly take the money from that savings line, and put it somewhere else. Again, it’s that act of doing this that makes you aware of your money.

Blogging Video

It takes 2 cents to GROW a wine show

Gary Vaynerchuck puts out some amazing videos. His motivational speaking talents are impressive. But beyond that, he shares his passion and helps people to want to achieve their goals.

Blogging Bowling Video

Cell Pearl Ball Reaction Video

I am definitely not a good video editor, but I am happy with some of the work that I have done.

Here is my latest editing work, it is a [bowlingball value=”6695″/] bowling ball reaction video that I shot with my friends and co-workers, Tony Ruocco and Brian Halstrom.

One of these days I will get around to doing an actual show.  I know that Jeff McCord would tell me to stop delay and just do it already, like he did for his Moxie Mo Show.  Time and Place are the current concerns.


Izzy Video – Thumb’s Up

I just subscribed to Izzy Video’s Premium Membership and am very impressed.  If you sign up now through 9/28/08 you can save 20% by using promotion code 20b42.

Israel has just decided to quit his job to follow his passion for creating video content.  Which is just like Gary Vaynerchuck in a previous post recommended, Make Money Doing What You Love.

I decided to ask Israel a question that has been bugging me about video for and he responded within an hour of my question.  He really seems to be on top of things and I really appreciate the personal response.

If you haven’t seen his work, check out the free episodes that are available on his website.  If you like them, I recommend checking out the premium membership.  It’s only a few dollars a month.

Blogging Video

Web2.0: Make Money Doing What You Love

Wow!  What an inspiring video from Gary Vaynerchuck.  You may only know him from Wine Library TV, but he is a very passionate speaker.  His business sense is amazing.  You should read his book and learn about his beginning.  Read his blogs, listen to his videos, and be inspired.


My Social Networking Life

I proudly admit that I missed the MySpace scene.  It exploded around me and I questioned why people participated.  MySpace was always very messy to me, but I start to get it this year.

I started watching podcasts (mostly tech information, some for entertainment, see for most of the ones I watch).  This is very easy to do with iTunes.  I do have goals to start a podcast for bowling, and will obviously update everyone here when it is time to do so.  Anyway, I started seeing the hosts in these social circles and I could also see benefit for me and

First off, I blog now.  I have my own website (you know that because you are here).  I write whatever is on my mind.  My main joys in life right now are family, work (programming), and sports (bowling, raquetball, tennis).  So I tend to write about these things.  Stop by here often to read what I have to say, and please comment.  Let’s have discussions about my topics. 🙂

Twitter.  What a great idea they had.  It would be great if my family would get involved.  I explain it like this.  I am not going to email everyone when I am on my way to work, answering emails, programming, etc…  But I can “tweet” it.  If you follow my tweets, you can get a sense of my day.  This would be great for people like my parents that are not involved in my day to day life, but would like to know more.  Watch “Twitter In Plain English” by Lee Lefever to learn more.  Then sign up at and follow me at

I also have a post about Twitter and Firefox.  My web browser, Firefox, alerts me of new posts by people I follow.  It’s very convenient to keep up to date because of this.

Twitter is so popular right now.  And because of the rapid growth, it has been known to be down from time to time because their servers couldn’t handle the popularity.  Someone even took time to create this GREAT parody of Hitler and Twitter, Hitler Can’t Tweet.

I have gotten so involved in lots of social networks.  Some I tend to sign up for and try and then let it fall by the wayside.  I hope this gives a better insight into me at this point in my life.


Is Writing Style Important in Blogging?

I have read some great blogs in my time. One that I pay attention to currently is actually written by a teenager (Chris Farley) at View From a Farley.

I hate reading it because I look back at my own posts in disgust. I just feel that I don’t have the required skill to be a good writer. I just don’t take the time to put my thoughts into a logical order. I just sit here and write what comes out of my finger tips, with the occasional backspace… 🙂

To me, writing has a two fold purpose. It is a great release and lets me just have my own time and space. But I also use it for a business purpose of getting information out about

Let me know your thoughts. Does the writing style decide weather you read or not? What about length of a post?


My First Podcast Mention

Thanks so much to the Moxie Mo Show for giving me my first podcast mention. He is correct, watching videos in iTunes makes it very easy to watch your favorite podcasts, but just as difficult to leave comments.

PodCasters love and need your comments. I wrote an article about what I believe iTunes needs/should do. Other podcatchers, like Miro, should do so as well, but right now iTunes seems to dominate the market.


Jeff McCord and Tony C Hall Team Up

Today Jeff McCord and Tony Hall announced they are teaming up to do a new Audio Podcast. I have been following both of these men on twitter and it is so great to see that this medium is helping to nourish new partnerships and business.

The social media explosion is a great thing for everyone. It is allowing for some great collaborations. I can’t wait to see what this podcast is like. 120Social is geared to be all about social media, from Twitter to Pownce (yes Jeff, it is still around) to everything else. Each new concept brings about other great concepts. for example, would not have existed without all of the others. All does is kind of group all of the new technologies together so that you don’t have to post every at one time.

Keep up the great work guys!


iTunes Needs To Include Comments For WordPress

I have been thinking about why some podcasts are not available in iTunes. Are the hosts/creators just too lazy to make their RSS feeds iTunes compliant?

And then it hit me. Maybe they don’t so that you are forced to watch it in their venue. Be it wordpress, YouTube, etc… If you watch it where they post it, then you are more likely to leave comments.

Let’s face it. Blogging and Vlogging are all about community involvement. The hosts want and need to see those comments. They strive to get more of them. It helps create content for their site (always good) and gives feedback, good and bad. The only way to get better is by knowing what doesn’t work.

So I think it should be imperative for Apple to include a couple more RSS tags that you would allow subscribers to post comments. Maybe even read the current comments right from iTunes. Apple should help bolster the whole community idea that surrounds podcasts. After all, they did put the POD in PODcasts.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment. 🙂