Bowling Launches a Labor Day Sale

We have decided to run a Labor Day sale on You can save 15% on any product listed with an American Flag. Take advantage to save on some fantastic bowling equipment.


Bowling: First Night of League

I bowl on the Thursday Night Men’s League at AMF Deltona Lanes.  Last night was our first night of league, and I was excited to be back.

Sometimes I wish I was a little more social.  I enjoy hanging out with my team, but I am not outgoing enough to go up to other people and talk to them.  It’s a shame, because I am friendly, and in the right mix, can be very outgoing.

Enough about that.  The first night of bowling itself start out amazing.   I just drilled my new [bowlingball value=”6303″/] and really bowled well with it.  Even though there were a couple of small mistakes I made during drilling, it still reacted fine.


My Nephew, Jayden Michael, is Born

Congratulations to my sister, Kelleigh (Congdon, Morabeto, ummm… not really sure at time), for giving birth to my newest nephew, Jayden Michael (here we go again, Congdon, Morabeto, ummm… you get the idea).

I can’t wait to meet the little fella.  I am sure I will make it to Jacksonville soon.  In the meantime, here are some photos of him.  Those that are squeemish should not look.  Babies are not pretty. 😉  Gotta give my sister a hard time.


Today’s Bowling Practice: Positive Self Talk

I went bowling with my father-in-law today. It was a great little practice session while also getting the chance to hang out with him.

Since I didn’t have a chance to drill my [bowlingball value=”6303″/], I ended up practicing with my [bowlingball value=”5996″/] and [bowlingball value=”6102″/]. I really like the [bowlingball value=”5996″/] as my primary bowling ball right now. It has the best fit of any of my equipment. I even used this ball to make my thumb mold for future thumb slugs.

The best thing I learned in this practice session was positive self talk. I have written about my old ways of anger and frustration, and how I have grown out of it. Today I started telling myself things like “Let the ball do it’s job” and “Trust the ball.”

I found that if I worried to much about the ball, I would end up trying to “steer” the ball. I would cross my body, push the ball to far right. All I need to do is slow down, hit my mark, and the everything else will happen on its own.

Also getting rid of the negative self talk helps me to make my spares. I know that making spares is almost more important than striking. If you can make all of your spares you are guaranteed of a score of almost 200, and when you do start striking you are in a position to really score well.


Don’t allow your temper to get in the way of winning
Thought Stopping Methods


First Night of League Canceled

Well, I was all amped up for our first night of league. However it was closed because of Tropical Storm Fay. What an annoying little storm this is.

It has not effected me too much personally, beside knocking down part of my fence. But it just dumping a ton of water and flooding some parts of the state.

I guess I will have to wait until next Thursday to write about the [bowlingball value=”6303″/].


Bowling League Starts Tonight

Well it’s been a long summer. I decided not to bowl for one summer.

Tonight is the first night of league bowling at Deltona Lanes. I have been looking forward to getting back to bowling for a little bit now. It’s nice to have a dedicated night to hang out and have a little fun.

Sure it can be frustrating if you are not having a good night, but all-in-all I usually have fun. This has never been more true since my wife went golfing with me. She saw my mental break down when I was playing a bad round and decided to talk to me. She helped me see the problems I was causing, not only for myself, but the people that were in our group. Ever since then, my bowling and golf have been dramatically improved.

Need help with the Mental Bowling Game? Check out what the greatest coach in the bowling industry, Coach Fred Borden, has to say.

Bowling Vacation

Just Got an Ebonite NVD

Do you want to be envied? (I know, a silly pun)

I just received an [bowlingball value=”6303″/] to drill up for use. I am going to test this bowling ball out on Thursday 8/21/2008. I will write up a review on this later this week.

I am looking forward to this ball that has a perfect scale of 205.7. Here is the description.

Be NVD by all of your opponents!

The NVD has a new core design, Spike Core Version 1A which provides a lower RG, high flare potential and a stronger mass bias rating. Wrapping around Spike Core Version 1A is a stronger version of our Traxion Reactive cover, Traxion Reactive 0.48. This cover has kept the oil absorption rate at 10.1 (the GB #) while increasing the Traxion Factor to 0.48. This increase in the number will allow the NVD to produce a stronger ball in higher oil volume environments. This ball will give you a stronger motion when compared to the Complete NV. Comes out of the box at 4000 Grit Abralon.


The Perfect Scale™: Helping Bowlers Make Better Decisions. Because each manufacturer uses a different method for indicating a ball’s hook potential, developed a way for the consumer to compare bowling balls across all manufacturers.

[bowlingball value=”6303,i150″/]


Beach Lover on Don Pedro Island

While on vacation at Don Pedro Island, we are staying in a rental unit known as Beach Lover. This is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house that sits on the beach.

It was a thrill to walk in to a clean, well kept location.

The kitchen was fully equipped with all the essential tools needed to cook great meals. There was paper towels, coffee filters, and soap available. Any other consumables need to be brought. Equipment included a microwave, blender, toaster, coffee maker, and dish washer.

The living room has two couches and two chairs, a fireplace, tv with cable, DVD player, VHS player, and full surround sound.

They even leave you a bunch a DVD’s to watch, and some board games to play.

I must say that it is a very relaxing experience. It has to be, the owners have a few “relax” signs all over the place. I really felt at home in this house.


Don Pedro Island

Don Pedro Island is in a small string of islands of the south west side of Florida. It is south of Tampa and Sarasota and make a wonderful vacation destination.

It feels like your own private island. We have been here twice now and both times we have seen fewer than ten people on the beach at any one time.

There is not a bridge to the island. You have to take your car on a ferry to cross over. It really is like no other experience I have had.

Don Pedro Island

Don Pedro Island



Is Writing Style Important in Blogging?

I have read some great blogs in my time. One that I pay attention to currently is actually written by a teenager (Chris Farley) at View From a Farley.

I hate reading it because I look back at my own posts in disgust. I just feel that I don’t have the required skill to be a good writer. I just don’t take the time to put my thoughts into a logical order. I just sit here and write what comes out of my finger tips, with the occasional backspace… 🙂

To me, writing has a two fold purpose. It is a great release and lets me just have my own time and space. But I also use it for a business purpose of getting information out about

Let me know your thoughts. Does the writing style decide weather you read or not? What about length of a post?