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My niece just sent me pictures that I had forgotten about. I guess she was looking through some old email and she thought it was funny that they were still online. She has so much to learn about how permanent the Internet really is.

This is why I think it is so funny when people are shocked when they get fired from a job because of things they post on MySpace or other similar sites. You are responsible for what you say, even in your own time. Things you put out on the Internet will live on forever, even if your feelings don’t.

You should not write something online when you are angry or upset. Ultimately those feeling will probably go away or get resolved. But if you offend or “burn a bridge”, then it doesn’t matter if you are over something, you may have lost a chance at something great because of a moment of anger.

I will get off my soap box now. Here are the pictures my niece (Destinee) found/reminded me of Scuba Diving. Enjoy!

John Congdon Scuba DivingJohn Congdon Scuba Diving
John Congdon Scuba DivingJohn Congdon Scuba Diving