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Talk Bowling – Episode 5 – Bowling Shoes

Today, released episode 5 of Talk Bowling.

This episode is the first one where we used a green screen for a better production feel.  Until we get better lighting, it may be a little tricky to make it look 100% perfect.  But it is fun anyway.

This time we tackle bowling shoesBrandon asked us about the differences in bowling shoes. 

We discussed the slide soles that are found on universal shoes.  Why you want traction on your non-slide foot.  And the advantage of high performance bowling shoes, like the [bowlingball value=”6330″/].


I Shot 647 in my Bowling League Last Night

While this isn’t my high series, it is for AMF Deltona Lanes.

I started the night with my [bowlingball value=”4444″/]. I love the way this ball rolls when 1) I roll it well, and 2) the lanes accept it. It goes so long and because of the solid black, you can see the transition so well. So I shot a 201 first game.

Second game I changed to the [bowlingball value=”6811″/]. With a couple of really bad shots I squeeked out a 195. So going into the third game I was -4.

Note: What do I mean by -4? Most bowlers base scores on a 200 average. So after game one, I was +1. Game two I was -5, so I was averaging -4. So I needed to shoot 204 in the third game to shoot 600. Back to my bowling now…

In the third game a continued to use the [bowlingball value=”6811″/]. I started spare in the first frame, and strike in the second. In the third frame I decided to just throw the bowling ball into the gutter on the first ball. Somehow I rebounded a almost ran the sheet. I struck through the second ball in the tenth. My final score for the third game was 252, giving me a 647 series.

[bowlingball value=”4444,i150l”/][bowlingball value=”6811,i150r”/]


I Elfed Myself and Friends. I Couln’t Help It.

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Ebonite Striking Motion

[bowlingball value=”6831,i150r”/]
The [bowlingball value=”6831″/] is Ebonite’s next High Performance Bowling Ball that was just released on November 11. We will be testing this bowling ball soon and will give a detailed review when we do.

Product ID: 6831
Release Date: 11/11/2008
Perfect Scale: 201.5
Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy
Coverstock: Reactive Resin
RG: 2.56
Finish: Matte
Color: Navy Blue
Viz Type: Non Viz
Performance: High Performance
Quality: First Quality

Super Shell 1.0 is an all new coverstock for the Ebonite Brand. Continuing the innovations that were introduced with the GB covers in the One series and the Traxion covers that we introduced in the NV series, Super Shell pushes ball performance to new heights while also being the most durable cover that we have introduced to date, that’s why it is SUPER SHELL 1.0!

The Flat Iron Core that we are introducing to the market offers a few unique properties. As a result, the core numbers are slightly different than any other ball that Ebonite has introduced to date.


  • Core Design: Flat Iron Asymmetric
  • Mass Bias Strength: 0.022
  • Mass Bias Location: 6 3/4” from the pin
  • Coverstock Name: Super Shell 1.0
  • Box Finish: Sanded with 4000 Grit Abralon Pad
  • Length: (Ebonite scale of 1 to 50, earliest to latest) – 19
  • Overall Hook: (Ebonite scale of 1 to 50, least to most) – 48
  • Breakpoint Angle: (Ebonite scale of 1 to 15, most smooth to most angular) – 12.00

New Track Rising SE

[bowlingball value=”6848,i150r”/]

Track’s next bowling ball release will be the [bowling value=”6848″/]. I am not sure what to expect out of this bowling ball, but hopefully we will get a chance to test it soon so that I can give a thorough review.

Product ID: 6848
Release Date: 11/26/2008
Perfect Scale: 207.5
Finish: Matte
RG: 2.470
Coverstock: Reactive Resin
Lane Condition: Heavy
Color: Red Pearl
Viz Type: Non Viz
Quality: First Quality
Performance: High Performance

With the [bowlingball value=”6848″/] (Special Edition) we’ve engineered a ball (for lack of a better word) with the strongest core to date, a single density monster with a cranked up intermediate differential of 0.035, an all-new high. Then we wrapped it all in a Gen 2 coverstock with a performance pearl additive to increase length while storing energy. It’s the closest thing to a remote controlled ball for the slickest lane conditions.

BIGGER MEGA TRON CORE – The largest volume, single density, High Mass Bias core shape ever put into a ball. Intermediate differential raised to a new high of 0.035, Revs up sooner for more control and a bigger payload at the back end.


  • Core : “Mega Tron”
  • Core Type : Asymmetrical
  • Color : Red Pearl
  • Surface : 4000 Unpolished
  • Coverstock: Gen 2 Reactive Pearl

The Storm Hy Road Bowling Ball

[bowlingball value=”6811,i150r”/]
I had the opportunity to try the [bowlingball value=”6811″/] last night to shoot our next ball reaction video. I can say that I was very impressed with the reaction of this ball. I believe this is my first mid-performance bowling ball in a long time.

I drilled the [bowlingball value=”6811″/] with the pin 3 3/8″ from my Positive Axis Point, which puts the pin to the right on my ring finger. I put a 1″x2″ weight hole 6″ from my center line straight through the CG.

I shot my first 600 series in weeks with this ball. Averaging only in the 180’s, I usually score in the 540’s.

Storm and Roto-Grip have been making some great bowling balls recently. The [bowlingball value=”6810″/] and the [bowlingball value=”6811″/] are perfect compliments to each other.

The video will be released soon.


Hammer’s Raw Hammer Acid – Coming Soon

[bowlingball value=”6846,i150r”/]
Hammer’s newest mid performance bowling ball, the [bowlingball value=”6846″/] is going to be released on December 2nd. I can’t wait to receive our seed balls in so that we can test them and give you our feed back on this bowling ball. I have a very good feeling about it from everything I have heard from Hammer Bowling.

There’s nothing safe about the [bowlingball value=”6846″/]. Made with our Max-Hook Reactive coverstock and Raw Hammer Assault core, we’ve designed it to be dangerous from the outside in; a scary combination of power and control you won’t find in any other mid-level ball. The Hammer Raw Hammer Acid. Let the pins burn.

We are looking forward to possibly getting our hands on this ball early to do a little testing. If we do get these in early, we’ll make sure to shoot a video!

Ball Features:

  • Core: Raw Hammer Assault Core
  • Coverstock: Max-Hook Reactive
  • Factory Finish: 4000 Grit Abralon
  • Flare Potential: Medium-High

Bowling Practice: Less Shoe Slide

My father-in-law and I went bowling on Sunday, and I used it as a bowling practice session. 

My goal right now is to slide less.  Often after I release my bowling ball, I feel as if I am still sliding.  I feel that this act makes my release inconsistent.  Which affects my ball speed.  As I have gotten more aggressive in my follow through, the slide has gotten worse. 

I used to wear a #10 [bowlingball value=”2382″/], which is the most slide.  Last year I moved down to a #8 [bowlingball value=”2382″/] and have been very comfortable with that.  I feel that my swing has continued to progress (even though average doesn’t prove it), and it is time to make another adjustment in my bowling shoes.  So Sunday I spent the entire 5 game practice series working on my timing while sliding less.  To do this, I changed my sole to a #6 [bowlingball value=”2382″/].

Don’t get too caught up in the numbers.  If you bowl in different bowling centers, then you should know that the approach differs from one to the next.  Just because a #6 works in center “A”, doesn’t mean the slide will be the same in center “B”.  This is very important to understand so that you don’t get up to throw a ball without testing your slide first.  You don’t want to end up doing a face plant on the lane surface.

Bowling practice is important, but it is more important to have a goal.  I had fun, but my main purpose was to work on my timing.  I feel I accomplished this for the most part.

Bowling Video

Storm Virtual Gravity Video Bowling Ball Review

We shot another great video.  This time it was for the [bowlingball value=”6810″/].

We used 3 different bowlers and bowling styles throwing a variety of layouts.  Please enjoy!!!