My Poker Night Rules

On poker nights at my house, we play Texas Hold-em tournament style. 

Each tournament lasts for 1 1/2 hours, and each round is 15 minutes.  And we usually play 4-5 tournaments, as long as people want to stay and play.

The buy in is $20, and you get 2,500 chips to start. 
You can buy back in for the first 45 minutes.  So if you are eliminated in the first 3 rounds, you can buy back in for $10 and get 1,500 chips. 
At the 45 minute mark, there is a chance to add on chips. 
     If you have less than 1500 chips, you can buy 3,000 chips for $20. 
     If you have less than 3000 chips, you can buy 1,500 chips for $10.

We then continue to play for the final 45 minutes.  No re-buys at this point.  And we play for position.  We will announce the number of positions paid and the payout during the break.

Round/Blind structure (15 minute rounds)

Round 1: 50/100
Round 2: 100/200
Round 3: 200/400
Break (Add-ons done at this time)
Round 4: 300/600
Round 5: 400/800
Round 6: 500/1000
Winners paid out.

There are some side games that are optional.  These will be discussed before starting.


Storm Natural Pearl

[bowlingball value=”8937,i150″/]

The [bowlingball value=”8937″/] is a Urethane bowling ball set to release November 24, 2010.  Storm is going old school Urethane and I think it’s a great idea.  New technology, and the biggest hooking bowling balls are not always the best for your lane condition.  Sometimes you need to change the bowling ball you are using, and sometimes that change should be to older technology.  Storm is combining the two, with old and new technology together.

[bowlingball value=”8937,longdesc”/]

The [bowlingball value=”8937″/] is currently selling for [bowlingball value=”8937,price”/] and rates a [bowlingball value=”8937,ps”/].


Roto Grip Nomad Dagger

[bowlingball value=”8936,i150″/]

The [bowlingball value=”8936″/] is an upcoming advanced performance bowling ball that is set to release in late November.  Continuing on the Nomad theme of bowling balls, this polished hybrid reactive bowling ball should be a great compliment to the Nomad bowling ball line.

[bowlingball value=”8936,longdesc”/]

The [bowlingball value=”8936″/] is currently selling for [bowlingball value=”8936,price”/] and rates a [bowlingball value=”8936,ps”/].


Roto Grip Theory

[bowlingball value=”8935,i150″/]

The [bowlingball value=”8935″/]  is a new release in the Cell Line of bowling balls.  Roto Grip may be changing the name and going with a more mathematical line of names.  Notice the Sigma symbol in the logo of the Theory.  I am excited to try the new release.  Once I get a chance to throw the ball, we will release the video and reviews.  Should be in the next few weeks.

[bowlingball value=”8935,longdesc”/]

The [bowlingball value=”8935″/] is currently selling for [bowlingball value=”8935,price”/] and rates a [bowlingball value=”8935,ps”/].


Best Bowling Balls on the Market

People are always asking “What are the Best Bowling Balls on the Market?”  That is always a very tough question to answer.  You need to match your game (style, release, speed, etc…) and the lane conditions (surface type, amount of oil, placement of oil, length of oil) to the bowling ball.

There are so many factors, that it is impossible to say there is any one best bowling ball on the market.  However, you can be sure to find all of the best bowling balls on the market at  We sell all of the top brand bowling equipment including Brunswick, Storm, Roto Grip, Lane #1, Hammer, and more.