Do You Foresee Any Problems With This Approach To YouTube Videos?

I am trying to squeeze every excess byte out of my downloads. I noticed that even with the iFrame version of YouTube videos, users have to download almost 200K worth of data.

I decided to use the screenshot stored at YouTube (replace all occurrences of VIDEOID with a youtube video):



<div align=center id='vidVIDEOID' stlye='clear: both; margin:0; padding:0;'>

<img class='YouTubeScreen' rel='VIDEOID' src='' border='0' />


And use jQuery javascript like this:

$(".YouTubeScreen").click(function(e) {

var vid = $(this).attr('rel');

$("#vid" + vid).html('<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="' + vid + '?autoplay=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>');



How to Play/Pause iTunes With Your Magic Mouse

This was one of those things that I couldn’t believe the Magic Mouse didn’t handle automatically for you. However, you can install Magic Prefs for free. With in there you can add ActionScript. It isn’t very clear how to do this.

First copy this to your clipboard:
tell application “iTunes”
end tell

Then, choose a mouse action, follow menus down to Custom Actions => Manage ActionScript
Just type a name into the top box and click the +

You will then see it in your list of available actions for the mouse.


BugZilla should be renamed

We use bugzilla internally for so much more than a “bug” reporting system. I have done internal presentations about the product and have jokingly called it OrganiZilla or TicketZilla.

The software offers fantastic Organizational qualities to help us stay on top of tasks. And once you get past the idea of bugs and call them tickets, you realize that there is a much broader use of it.

From updates on a website to telling someone to take out the trash, it works! But only if everyone is on board.