Negative Press commits possible fraud, negative press

Let me start out by saying this is possible fraud, not confirmed at this point.

I am a developer that has integrated Google Checkout with a shopping cart at  I have used Google Checkout to make business purchases in the past and really like the service.

I decided to open a personal account and make a purchase from  The fact they are offering $10 off is a no brainer for the product I wanted to buy.

The purchase was flawless, and I received my emails as expected.  My order was placed at 7:09 AM.

At 10:30 AM I received an automated email that my order had been canceled.  There was no reason given, so I proceeded to send them an email to get clarification.  If I had received an explanation to begin with, it would have saved a step.

The response I received follows:

We apologize that Google Checkout was unable to process your order.

Google Checkout tried to authorize funds from your credit card for payment; however, the authorization for payment failed. As a result, Google asked us to cancel this order. Please verify your credit card information with Google Checkout and place a new order. This should correct the authorization issue. For further information, please contact Google Customer Support at:

Now I know for a fact that Google Checkout tries to authorize funds, and if unsuccessful, THEY contact the customer to let them make any changes that will correct the order.  If this is not done within 3 days, then Google Checkout cancels the order, and not the merchant.

I am still waiting for a response to this situation.  I would love any feedback that someone may have.