My Poker Night Rules

On poker nights at my house, we play Texas Hold-em tournament style. 

Each tournament lasts for 1 1/2 hours, and each round is 15 minutes.  And we usually play 4-5 tournaments, as long as people want to stay and play.

The buy in is $20, and you get 2,500 chips to start. 
You can buy back in for the first 45 minutes.  So if you are eliminated in the first 3 rounds, you can buy back in for $10 and get 1,500 chips. 
At the 45 minute mark, there is a chance to add on chips. 
     If you have less than 1500 chips, you can buy 3,000 chips for $20. 
     If you have less than 3000 chips, you can buy 1,500 chips for $10.

We then continue to play for the final 45 minutes.  No re-buys at this point.  And we play for position.  We will announce the number of positions paid and the payout during the break.

Round/Blind structure (15 minute rounds)

Round 1: 50/100
Round 2: 100/200
Round 3: 200/400
Break (Add-ons done at this time)
Round 4: 300/600
Round 5: 400/800
Round 6: 500/1000
Winners paid out.

There are some side games that are optional.  These will be discussed before starting.

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