How to Play/Pause iTunes With Your Magic Mouse

This was one of those things that I couldn’t believe the Magic Mouse didn’t handle automatically for you. However, you can install Magic Prefs for free. With in there you can add ActionScript. It isn’t very clear how to do this.

First copy this to your clipboard:
tell application “iTunes”
end tell

Then, choose a mouse action, follow menus down to Custom Actions => Manage ActionScript
Just type a name into the top box and click the +

You will then see it in your list of available actions for the mouse.


Mac OSX: Why I Don’t Do Updates As Soon As They Are Available

I have been using an Apple Mac for the past 5 or so years. I have never had a “Traumatic” experience because of an update, but I have heard others. Take for example Jeff McCord’s latest experience. I feel bad for him because he is a new Apple user and I don’t want this issue to lose him back the likes of Windows.

Unless there is an update that I really need, I tend to wait to see if there are any problems. I guess I will not do the latest 10.5.3 update for a little longer.