Bowling: First Night of League

I bowl on the Thursday Night Men’s League at AMF Deltona Lanes.  Last night was our first night of league, and I was excited to be back.

Sometimes I wish I was a little more social.  I enjoy hanging out with my team, but I am not outgoing enough to go up to other people and talk to them.  It’s a shame, because I am friendly, and in the right mix, can be very outgoing.

Enough about that.  The first night of bowling itself start out amazing.   I just drilled my new [bowlingball value=”6303″/] and really bowled well with it.  Even though there were a couple of small mistakes I made during drilling, it still reacted fine.

During practice I tried the NVD and the [bowlingball value=”6102″/].  I often used the Ultra Zone in the first game last season and I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the NVD before committing to it for a game.  By the end of practive I decided to put the [bowlingball value=”6102″/] away for the night.

My first game was awesome all the way until the 10th frame where I made a mistake.  I ended up with a 232, even though I had an open in the 10th frame.  I was on pace to bowl a 268 until then.

The second game didn’t fare so well.  I started the game with the same [bowlingball value=”6303″/], but eventually changed to my [bowlingball value=”5996″/].  I often forget just how much this bowling ball hooks.  I ended up with a couple of opens and only bowling a 198.

The third game I used the [bowlingball value=”5996″/] exclusively.  The lanes were very squirlly, yet I started strong with 4 strikes.  However 3 of them were brooklyns… I couldn’t seem to get the ball to the right of the head pin.  Frame 5 was an open frame… 🙁  2 more strikes in frames 6 and 7.  So I am still on pace for a GREAT game.  Then the unthinkable… frame 8 I throw it in the gutter and don’t convert the spare.  I end up bowling a 192 the third game.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am ecstatic have a 207 average in one night.  I ended last season with a 181 average.  Let’s just see if I can keep up this pace for the whole season.  I think I can, I think I can, choo choo…

[bowlingball value=”6303,i150l”/] [bowlingball value=”5996,i150l”/] [bowlingball value=”6102,i150l”/]

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I'm excited about bowling again too. My 2 leagues start next week. I did a 4 week "warmup" league over the past month that I hope worked out all the kinks created by taking the summer off. I too suffer from being a little anti-social at the bowling center, but I'm working on it. Just wanted to let you know I'm also an IT Admin that's big into bowling. I like what you're doing with the site and enjoy your Twitter posts, etc. Keep up the good work.

I do primarily LAN Administration (Windows desktops with Windows & Linux servers) as well as end user hardware/software/printing support for 5 sites. I wish I knew more about programming. I'd love to put together a site or at least a podcast that's bowling industry related, but I just don't have the time to commit to it. Maybe soon, I'll start a personal blog or something. If I think of any improvement ideas for your site, I'll pass them along. I'm mrvaj on Twitter by the way. Have a good holiday weekend.

Hi John! Love the blog!
My dad and I bowl together in a Tuesday night trio league. I think this is our 4th or 5th year doing it. I bowled when I was very young and then started up again about 5 years ago. I can't explain how much I enjoy spending time with my dad at the lanes every week. it's a magical place, at least in my mind. 🙂

Last year, I bowled WAY too good the first week of league. I had a 725. It was my highest series of the entire season and our team had no handicap all year so we struggled. This year I'm trying to pace myself. Started out with a 561 and had a 635 this week. I usually end up averaging around 202 or 203 by the end of the year. So does Dad!

I am also in IT, I'm a Network Administrator. Basically me and another guy support about 400 people, doing everything from configuring routers to fixing printers.
Good to find your blog, and thanks for stopping by mine too. Keep us posted on your league progress.

Take Care,

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