Bowling Shoes

I haven’t gotten a new pair of bowling shoes in a few years. I have been using the [bowlingball value=”2117″/] and was ready for a new pair. Sure, I could have replaced the shoe strings and the replaceable soles, but what fun is that when you can have a brand new shiny pair of [bowlingball value=”6330″/]?

Dexter came in and showed us there 2008/2009 line of Dexter Bowling Shoes. I must say, the innovation in the [bowlingball value=”6330″/] is exceptional, especially from a business point of view. They made the bottoms of the shoes the exact same, which means that we don’t have to stock both left and right handed bowling shoes.

I have been using my new shoes now for about 4 weeks and really like them.  I have been playing with my slide sole a little bit, trying to slide a little less.  It’s not easy because I am used to sliding a lot.  I used to use S10, which is the most slide.  I have been able to adjust to an S8, and would like to work down to an S6 sometime soon.  I need much more practice though.

[bowlingball value=”2117,i150l”/][bowlingball value=”6330,i150r”/]


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