Configuring AMTU 2.1 From The Command Line

I received an email about upgrading AMTU today from Amazon.  I tried following their directions for command line installation which were VERY lacking.

The XML file is a pain in butt.  I am still not sure if the account name I chose is correct, or even matters.  The Access Key, Secret Key, Merchant ID are all available in seller central with some digging around.

The Account Configuration took me a couple of minutes to figure out.  Helps to jump to the bottom of their sample.xml file to understand more.

The Marketplace ID is also located at the bottom of the file.  Hint, for the U.S., it is ATVPDKIKX0DER.

The real pain was actually running the configure command.

#sudo ./configure SETUP config.xml
Database instance started successfully with driverorg.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver
Welcome to Amazon Merchant Transport Utility version 2.1.8 Configuration Utility!
Error: file does not exist.
Request completed with errors.

That “Error: file does not exist.” was driving me crazy. Turns out, I just need the entire path to the file, not relative.
#sudo ./configure SETUP /ABSOLUTE/PATH/TO/config.xml

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