Creating a Win/Win Situation With Promotions

I am constantly surprised about how some business are operated.  It never seems like the customer’s feelings are taken into consideration. 

Let’s take my recent purchase from  As usually, as soon as I see an “Enter Promotion Code” box, I immediately assume there is a promotion available.  I see a live chat window pop up and decide to ask for a promotion code, only to be told that they can not give me any discounts.  I try every trick in the book, walking away, etc….  Nothing made the operator budge.

I take to Google to start my search and within a couple of minutes I find a 10% off, which saved me $180.  I try to tell the operator (Roy) that he should tell his boss of this experience.  If Adobe would give there operators a code to give to people that ask of chat, then maybe Adobe could create a better win/win experience.  I would have been happy to tell my boss that I saved the company $100, had the operator gave me that chance.  And Adobe would have made another $80 for themselves.  That’s what I call a win/win. 

I am happier to tell my boss that I save $180.  But that doesn’t serve this article well.

We here at have learned to listen to customers.  If they ask for a promotion code, and we know we have them running, we will give out the code.  Let’s face it, online, there are always promotions running.  Why make someone turn somewhere else looking for a deal.

Like I tried to tell Roy.  This was just my $0.02 and was never meant for a blog entry until he gave me another templated answer telling me that he couldn’t give me any discounts.  Roy….  I already told you I found a 10% code and already save $180.  I don’t need your help saving money any more. 

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I had this discussion with my wife earlier today. AMF has a $.99 promotion going for the holiday weekend. However, you can only get a couple of coupons online and then you are cut off. I had a hard time figuring out why they would limit the number of coupons. Were they afraid the would attract too many people and lose money? If that's the case, why risk it at that price point? Just up the price and give me less hassle when it comes to the coupon…


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