Golf, Room For Improvement

Golfing is a wonderful sport.  There always seems to be room for improvement.  I just wish it would happen faster.  However, like most average golfers, I do not have the discipline to get better.  I do not take time to go to the driving range, or time for lessons.  I do my practice on the course, which is a very bad idea if you want to improve.

However, I am open to suggestions from people that I shoot a round with.  My latest suggestion came from Tony Mendiola, unfortunately it wasn’t until the 16th hole.  I was not hitting my irons very well, so he took the opportunity to tell me that I was collapsing my elbows during the backswing.  Now, as a golfer I know this swing characteristic is bad and wasn’t aware that I was doing it.  As soon as I got to my next iron shot, I made it a priority to widen my swing, and hit he ball flush and long.  What a great feeling it was. 

Thank you Mr M.

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How often do you play? Are you in the 80's/90's yet? I have only broken 100 twice, and they were on a par 70 and a par 71.

Does Charlie Hoff golf? I am thinking a little foursome in the near future. You, me, Ruocco and Hoff.

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