I am proud of my progress with Javascript…

I am proud of my progress with Javascript. I used to consider myself a javascript hacker. I could put other people’s components to work, but wasn’t comfortable writing my own.

I would consider myself much more proficient today. I can write maintainable/reusable Javascript. I have become more capable of writing routines that can be used on multiple widgets easily.

My latest code has been able to work on multiple “widgets” within one page. This was exciting for me, and I ended up staying late at work the other night as I got near completion. I was sooo happy with my accomplishment, but being the only programmer, it can be tough. Nobody really appreciates the successes that I feel are so exciting. It’s not their fault by any means, they just are not into the tech as much as I am.

At the end of the day, I tell my wife. She is the best cheerleader a guy could have. While she doesn’t fully understand, she puts on a smile and tells me how great it is when I do accomplish the small things. She tries so hard to be understanding and just there for me. I am a lucky lucky man.

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