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Mosso Cloud Services

I have been using Mosso Cloud Files for a few weeks now and I am very happy with the results. Using their API has been very straight forward and easy to use. Adding my files to their service and then changing the website to use those only took a few hours to do.

They just added a blog post about their speed compared to Amazon’s CloudFront CDN. From two different 3rd party network monitoring and analytics services, they were able to prove they are faster. Twice as fast in most cases.

Read the enire blog entry here: Mosso is Fast… and We’re So Much Faster, it’s Not Even Close!

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Hey Rob,

The only downside right now is the "beta" portion and the fact that maintenance is done on Tuesdays during normal business hours. But I am sure that will be over soon enough and this will be a real enterprise type of solution where maintenance is done at off peak times.

Luckily we just use it as a CDN, so if we have to change a file during these times, we just serve them ourselves until we can get back into MOSSO.

Hi John,

We opted for Tuesday afternoons because many users perform backups during off-peak hours. We typically only put the system in "read-only" mode during the maintenance window and don't usually take the full 5 hours. We also wanted to put in a set time so that early adopters could reliably plan around those windows.

But even better, we plan on removing the beta label and suspending the periodic maintenance windows early next year.

Feel free to send any comments/suggestions to us. We'd love to hear your thoughts! <ej _at_ racklabs _dot_ com>

That makes sense. You are dealing with multiple business models, or uses for the cloud. We use it as a CDN more than a backup solution, where others are doing it vice/versa.

Once I knew about the planned maintenance it was easier to deal with, but a couple weeks ago when I went to change an image and couldn't, I was frustrated. It took 2-3 times on chat to get a definite answer. He explained that it was still beta and was every Tuesday. All better now 🙂

Great work over there at MOSSO!

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