Latest Tech, Watch Your Internet Traffic Live is a service that combines web analytic data like Google Analytics in a real time fashion. What’s more is they offer some really interesting features.

We all know that we can monitor traffic in real time by watching our web server logs. However the average user doesn’t necessarily understand the information that is available to us. I have shown a couple of people the Woopra interface, and while they are very impressed, they are also taken aback by the “creepy” factor.

You are able to spot what pages customers are looking at, what browser they are using, operating system, screen resolution and more. By doing this you could see a customer looking at a blue widget, and start a chat with them. You can see if there is anything you can help them with, possibly upsell, or more.

I feel it is a GREAT service and a move towards the future of the Internet. The Internet is becoming more and more interactive, not just a one way connection. I feel that soon you will be purchasing on the Internet, almost like walking into a store.