Bowling Practice

I went to AMF Casselberry Lanes to practice bowling today and was very happy with my results. While I should try and work with a coach or someone that can help me with my game, I have taken it on myself.

I have been stuck using a [bowlingball value=”5160″/] wrist brace for a couple of years now because I have not been throwing my bowling balls correctly. I have been letting my wrist break and I would not follow through.

I think I have finally had a revelation. I have started using an [bowlingball value=”2283″/] Brace which has helped make my wrist not hurt. I have slowed down my approach which has helped my timing. And with my timing under control it helps me aim correctly. It is amazing how all of these pieces kind of inter connect.

Using the big wrist brace made me feel mentally negative about my game. Changing to the new brace has helped my mental game as well as physical game.