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Storm Victory Road Bowling Ball Review

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Pin to PAP(4 1/2″ over 0″ up) – 3 1/2″
Mass Bias Position – N/A
Balance Hole – 3/4″ x 1″ on PAP
PSA Layout – 3 1/2″ x 4 5/8″, 2 7/8″ pin buffer

Surface Preparation – Out of Box (1500 Grit Polish)

Wow, the [bowlingball value=”9109″/] is an amazing bowling ball. The length and hook on the backend were fantastic. This bowling ball pounded the pocket and exploded the rack.

It was snappy on the backend, but not “jumpy”. It had a predictable backend snap.

The pearlized coverstock gives the ball length, while the 1500 grit polish helped give it backend.

Use this bowling ball to travel down Victory Road.

But the [bowlingball value=”9109″/] at for [bowlingball value=”9109,price”/].  While shopping, pick up a new pair of bowling shoes.  There are some fantastic values available now for cheap bowling shoes.


Turbo 2-N-1 Finger Insert Glue

Recently we did a video about “How To Install Finger Inserts in a Bowling Ball” and we mentioned that we use [bowlingball value=”8808″/]. 

There are two type of glue that we use on our bowling equipment. 

This is how we use it:
[bowlingball value=”8808″/] is used mainly for finger inserts.  It is a faster drying glue that does not need much time to cure.
[bowlingball value=”8809″/] is used mainly for thumb slugs.  The slower drying time allows us to get the thumb slug down into the bowling ball before setting.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s called slow zip, but it does harden quickly (usually in 5-10 seconds vs the 1-2 you have with the Zip-45).


The New Designer Bowling Ball

[bowlingball value=”7711,i150″/]
[bowlingball value=”7711,longdesc”/]

Current Price: [bowlingball value=”7711,price”/]


Circle Bowling Shoes

As a programmer, I am constantly amazed at search engine technology.  Doing a search for Circle Bowling Shoes often turns up irrelavant results.  Maybe not irrelavant, but many of the top resulting e-commerce sites only have one or two styles.  And each of those will only be available in one or two sizes. has thousands of pairs of Cirlce Bowling Shoes available at unbelievable prices.  There are so many colors to choose from for men, women, and children.

Bowling Video

Storm Invasion Bowling Ball

Strom came out with their new [bowlingball value=”7726″/].  I edited and posted the video a couple of weeks ago and am upset that my wrist was still hurting and I did not get a chance to throw this one.  Brian Halstrom loved it during testing and decided to throw it in league that week, shooting a whopping 781.

This bowling ball ranks [bowlingball value=”7726,ps”/] and current sells for [bowlingball value=”7726,price”/] on

[bowlingball value=”7726,i150″/]


The Roto Grip Mutant Cell Bowling Ball

The [bowlingball value=”7625″/] is the next in the Cell line of bowling balls.  The [bowlingball value=”7625,ps”/] is one of the strongest bowling balls to come out.  You are going to want oil under this bowling ball or a little polish on the sanded Cytoplasmic XL coverstock as it is meant for Heavy Oil.

[bowlingball value=”7625,i150″/]
Currently priced at [bowlingball value=”7625,price”/].

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Storm Furious Bowling Ball Reaction Video

The [bowlingball value=”7067″/] is going to be released later in May 2009 and is part of the [bowlingball value=”7066″/] and the [bowlingball value=”7067″/] duo. While it may be a cute play on words from the movie, they are two really great bowling balls. Check out video for the [bowlingball value=”7067″/] below.


Storm Fast Bowling Ball Reatction Video

The [bowlingball value=”7066″/] was a blast to throw. We don’t get a chance to shoot many videos for the mid performance line, and I was actually quite happy to get this chance. I do not know if you can really classify the [bowlingball value=”7066″/] and the [bowlingball value=”7067″/] as mid performance. The amount of hook these two bowling balls have is outstanding. They were very clean through the heads and smooth the rest of the way.

Here is our [bowlingball value=”7066″/] video. Enjoy!

Bowling Video

Ebonite Magic Bowling Ball

[bowlingball value=”6969″/]

Here is our bowling ball reaction video of the [bowlingball value”6969″/]. Let us know your thoughts.