Programmer's Mindset

I Need More Cache

I hate knowing the answer to a problem, but taking for ever to implement it.  Cacheing is probably one of the most important things I can do to improve a website, and yet it is one of my worst nightmares.  It shouldn’t be at all.  I have a fear of using outdated data because of my spaghetti code. 🙁

I am working on this and coming to solutions slowly.  It really was apparent on the last update I made.  I had a script that was running probably a thousand plus queries.  During testing by myself, of course I didn’t notice it.  Launch it live to thousands of users running thousands of queries and you quickly learn about the mistake.  To the tune of taking the server to its ‘knees’, which is kinda neat because they don’t have knees.  Throw some quick cacheing into the mix and you have a happy system, and a happy system administrator (ME).

Check out the new feature that caused my little nightmare on top sellers and popular searches.