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Cart Level Promotions with Checkout By Amazon

I was recently trying to offer a cart-level promotion with “Checkout by Amazon”  and while looking through their Developer Guide, I became very confused.  Their promotion section lead me to believe that I could offer such a discount, but it wasn’t clear at all.  I tried googling it, and other research to no avail. 🙁

I finally read through the XSD which is not the most fun things to use to try and solve a particular problem.  But the answer was there.  To offer a cart level promotion, you simple need <CartPromotionId>DiscountName</CartPromotionId> in your <Cart></Cart> section.  And then the same <Promotions> section that they have laid out in the documentation for item-level discounts.

I hope that this helps someone find the information faster than I did.

This answers the question: “How do I offer cart-level promotions in checkout by Amazon?