How to Hook a Bowling Ball

Often, people ask for a hook bowling ball.  But what does that mean?  I will try to spell it out.

I am going to include a video from [bowlingball value=”6693″/] below for a different explanation.

Bowling balls hook because of friction.  Oil is applied to the lane to let the ball get down the lane before it hooks.  A larger entry angle into the pocket increases your chance for a strike.  But a bowling ball hooks because of the bowling release, the friction on the lanes, and the core in the middle of the ball.

If you really want to hook a bowling ball, you need a higher performance bowling ball.  Anything stronger than a plastic bowling ball will be a great start.  Plastic bowling balls are meant to go straight.  I personally suggest that you start with a lower price entry level bowling ball.  This will allow you to get it drilled professionally to fit your hand, start to develop consistancy, and then you can find your PAP.  From there, as you buy more expensive higher performance bowling balls, you will have a better idea how to drill them.

Watch this video, and please ask if you need help learning to hook a bowling ball.

[bowlingball value=”6568,i150l”/] [bowlingball value=”4927,150l”/] [bowlingball value=”4183,i150l”/]