Embarrasing Night of Bowling

I bowled my Thursday night bowling league last night and am quite unhappy with my results.  Just when I think I am getting better, I turn around and bowl like I did last night.

I think the problem started because we shot a video(We are waiting to find out if it is ok to talk about the ball we were shooting) first.  During the video shoot I felt incredible.  We were all striking at will, and I felt like I couldn’t miss, if I threw it well that is.

Then during practice, I still felt great.  I was bowling very well, so well that I didn’t complete practice and went up and ordered dinner.  Very unusual for me to not complete practice.

My problem was my bowling ball speed.  It was all over the map, one minute I kept the speed up, which is what I want to do.  The next shot I would slow the ball down 1-2 mph and end up going through the head pin, leaving splits.

My teammates were all monsters last night.  Everyone shot over 600, even one bowler that averages about 185 like me.  He shot 606 and I was full 125 pins behind him at an abysmal 481.  That may be my lowest set in years, and I blame it on being a little tired from the video shoot.  Because I sure can’t blame it on myself… 😉

Lesson learned: Don’t push too hard before league.  We were done with the video shoot and I was still throwing the bowling ball… bad idea.  I definitely need to incorporate speed control into my bowling practice.