Revision 3 is Changing The Way We Consume Media

I do not own an iPod, Zune, or any other media player for that matter. I have always been into “tech”, but not much into music, therefore I did not see any need for these devices.

Then in December 2007, I started carpooling with Brian Halstrom and got into a couple of “PodCasts”. I have heard of them before, but never gave them any credit. You may see a couple of low quality ones and assume they are all like that.

Then I find Revision 3. A company started by Kevin Rose and Jay Andelson. And anyone that knows the old Tech TV, will know Kevin Rose. Man do I miss the old Tech TV days, I loved it.

Back to my point. Revision 3 is creating awesome “TV Quality” shows for the Internet. As broadband becomes more available to the masses, we are going to see more and more push to the Internet.

All of the big cable stations are already moving to the Internet as well. They are making there content available online, because that is where we spend huge parts of our day.

Broadcasting will become a thing of the past. There are so many cable channels now, that they are basically Narrowcasting as it is. It is just costing an arm and a leg to be on the cable networks.

The LA Times wrote a great article on this subject. Check it out, it is fascinating.
Revision3’s web TV runs on star power