My Social Networking Life

I proudly admit that I missed the MySpace scene.  It exploded around me and I questioned why people participated.  MySpace was always very messy to me, but I start to get it this year.

I started watching podcasts (mostly tech information, some for entertainment, see for most of the ones I watch).  This is very easy to do with iTunes.  I do have goals to start a podcast for bowling, and will obviously update everyone here when it is time to do so.  Anyway, I started seeing the hosts in these social circles and I could also see benefit for me and

First off, I blog now.  I have my own website (you know that because you are here).  I write whatever is on my mind.  My main joys in life right now are family, work (programming), and sports (bowling, raquetball, tennis).  So I tend to write about these things.  Stop by here often to read what I have to say, and please comment.  Let’s have discussions about my topics. 🙂

Twitter.  What a great idea they had.  It would be great if my family would get involved.  I explain it like this.  I am not going to email everyone when I am on my way to work, answering emails, programming, etc…  But I can “tweet” it.  If you follow my tweets, you can get a sense of my day.  This would be great for people like my parents that are not involved in my day to day life, but would like to know more.  Watch “Twitter In Plain English” by Lee Lefever to learn more.  Then sign up at and follow me at

I also have a post about Twitter and Firefox.  My web browser, Firefox, alerts me of new posts by people I follow.  It’s very convenient to keep up to date because of this.

Twitter is so popular right now.  And because of the rapid growth, it has been known to be down from time to time because their servers couldn’t handle the popularity.  Someone even took time to create this GREAT parody of Hitler and Twitter, Hitler Can’t Tweet.

I have gotten so involved in lots of social networks.  Some I tend to sign up for and try and then let it fall by the wayside.  I hope this gives a better insight into me at this point in my life.


Hitler Can’t Tweet Because Twitter is Down: SOOO Funny

You have to check out this video. It is very funny. There is some swear words in it, so if you do not like them, please do not watch.

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Latest Tech

The Twitter Explosion

Twitter has seem to come on to the tech stage very strongly. However, will it be for the masses?

It seems that everyone that I follow is very much in the tech genre. They get it, use it, and live it.

The people in my everyday life that I try to explain it end up just staring at me with a very puzzled look. Not understanding when I use phraseology such as Following and Tweeting. I have tried to point people to Lee Lefever’s Common Craft Show Twitter in Plain English, but I do not get any reassurance that they understand.

If you are into it, please follow me. I would love the chance to reach out to the community. Leave comments and I will be sure to respond.