SVN – Subversion Version Control

I am a little annoyed with myself.  When I first started at I made it a point to rewrite their code and use a version control system.  SVN was the one I chose over CVS.  I am not sure why I made this decision, but through the research I did, it was the right choice.

The problem was I maintained my code for quite some time, however I am a person that make changes on the fly.  If someone asked for a change, I would make it to the live code and over time I gradually forgot to make the commits.  Sometimes I would end up doing a mass commit, and the comment would not make sense.  So I just gave up.

I know it was wrong, and I am making it correct.  I just set up new repositories and will make my commits properly from now on.  I have broken my projects into multiple repositories in an effort to make my checkouts and commits move convenient.

Version control is very important.  Being able to turn back time and know for a fact what was changed (if anything) is critical.  You may not know it yet, but a few months down the road you are going to be asked “Did we make any changes that cause sales to increase/decrease on this date?”, you need to be able to give a precise answer.  I feel I have failed in this category on a couple of occasions and I will not let it happen again.

Take it from me, use some form of versioning software.