The Storm Hy Road Bowling Ball

[bowlingball value=”6811,i150r”/]
I had the opportunity to try the [bowlingball value=”6811″/] last night to shoot our next ball reaction video. I can say that I was very impressed with the reaction of this ball. I believe this is my first mid-performance bowling ball in a long time.

I drilled the [bowlingball value=”6811″/] with the pin 3 3/8″ from my Positive Axis Point, which puts the pin to the right on my ring finger. I put a 1″x2″ weight hole 6″ from my center line straight through the CG.

I shot my first 600 series in weeks with this ball. Averaging only in the 180’s, I usually score in the 540’s.

Storm and Roto-Grip have been making some great bowling balls recently. The [bowlingball value=”6810″/] and the [bowlingball value=”6811″/] are perfect compliments to each other.

The video will be released soon.

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210 shooter. I threw it last night for the first time for 721 out of the box. Pin in the right ring finger. Great backend. Great carry. Feet were right. I like it!

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