Today’s Bowling Practice: Positive Self Talk

I went bowling with my father-in-law today. It was a great little practice session while also getting the chance to hang out with him.

Since I didn’t have a chance to drill my [bowlingball value=”6303″/], I ended up practicing with my [bowlingball value=”5996″/] and [bowlingball value=”6102″/]. I really like the [bowlingball value=”5996″/] as my primary bowling ball right now. It has the best fit of any of my equipment. I even used this ball to make my thumb mold for future thumb slugs.

The best thing I learned in this practice session was positive self talk. I have written about my old ways of anger and frustration, and how I have grown out of it. Today I started telling myself things like “Let the ball do it’s job” and “Trust the ball.”

I found that if I worried to much about the ball, I would end up trying to “steer” the ball. I would cross my body, push the ball to far right. All I need to do is slow down, hit my mark, and the everything else will happen on its own.

Also getting rid of the negative self talk helps me to make my spares. I know that making spares is almost more important than striking. If you can make all of your spares you are guaranteed of a score of almost 200, and when you do start striking you are in a position to really score well.


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