Trello – Project Collaboration and Management

I must say, I just learned about Trello and I really love it.  While it is great for teams, I have also found it very useful for individual organization as well.

Trello is like having virtual boards with post it notes.  The idea of the “post it” notes allows you to easily move them around to prioritize events.  You have different boards for different states.

As a personal organizational tool, if you know and understand the 80/20/FTF principal, you can have one board for 80’s, one for 20’s, one for FTF’s and one for completed tasks.  This will allow you to easily add a task and then you can move them between your lists as you see fit.  And you can have a list of completed tasks for historical purposes.

As a collaboration tool, you can easily assign different people to tasks.

It’s just a fantastic tool to use.


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