View Your Web Site In Any Browser

Thanks to BradwellTV I just learned about a great service that is available to test your web site in just about any browser.

We all know that it is a pain. You make a minor change on your site and it looks perfect on your Mac in Firefox 3.0. An hour later you hear a co-worker tell you that he can’t navigate because it does not work in Windows Internet Explorer 6.

You can’t possibly have every type of OS, with every browser and manually test every change. It would take far too long. to the rescue. Simply enter your Web Address and choose all of your preferences. Browsers, OS, Screen Size, Colors, Javascript, Java, and Flash are all configurable.

Depending on the current queue, you will start to receive results within a minute or two. It can take much longer to get all of the results.

I can now check to make sure every page of bowling balls on looks as good as it can. I sure have a lot of work to do now… 🙁

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