Woot Ads: Funny or Offensive?

TechCrunch has written an article about the new Woot ads that appear when you search for “goog” on google.

Goog is the NYSE code for the google stock.  You can type in stock codes on google to get a quick snapshot of where the stock is at.

Well, Woot has gone pretty far into their sarcastic tool box and pulled out a couple of very funny ads.  Try if for yourself.

Ad 1:

Before you jump out of
that window, why not spend your
last remaining dollars at Woot?

Ad 2:

Losing your house?
Without that mortgage to pay, now
you can buy more of our junk!

Ad 3:

You’re broke.  So what?
You could live without gadgets, but
can you really call that “living”?

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