Bowling League Starts Tonight

Well it’s been a long summer. I decided not to bowl for one summer.

Tonight is the first night of league bowling at Deltona Lanes. I have been looking forward to getting back to bowling for a little bit now. It’s nice to have a dedicated night to hang out and have a little fun.

Sure it can be frustrating if you are not having a good night, but all-in-all I usually have fun. This has never been more true since my wife went golfing with me. She saw my mental break down when I was playing a bad round and decided to talk to me. She helped me see the problems I was causing, not only for myself, but the people that were in our group. Ever since then, my bowling and golf have been dramatically improved.

Need help with the Mental Bowling Game? Check out what the greatest coach in the bowling industry, Coach Fred Borden, has to say.

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