Bowling Vacation

Just Got an Ebonite NVD

Do you want to be envied? (I know, a silly pun)

I just received an [bowlingball value=”6303″/] to drill up for use. I am going to test this bowling ball out on Thursday 8/21/2008. I will write up a review on this later this week.

I am looking forward to this ball that has a perfect scale of 205.7. Here is the description.

Be NVD by all of your opponents!

The NVD has a new core design, Spike Core Version 1A which provides a lower RG, high flare potential and a stronger mass bias rating. Wrapping around Spike Core Version 1A is a stronger version of our Traxion Reactive cover, Traxion Reactive 0.48. This cover has kept the oil absorption rate at 10.1 (the GB #) while increasing the Traxion Factor to 0.48. This increase in the number will allow the NVD to produce a stronger ball in higher oil volume environments. This ball will give you a stronger motion when compared to the Complete NV. Comes out of the box at 4000 Grit Abralon.


The Perfect Scale™: Helping Bowlers Make Better Decisions. Because each manufacturer uses a different method for indicating a ball’s hook potential, developed a way for the consumer to compare bowling balls across all manufacturers.

[bowlingball value=”6303,i150″/]

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