Watch me throw the Brunswick C-System Ulti-Max

[bowlingball value=”9659″/]

Based on the [bowlingball value=”9120″/], I was expecting The [bowlingball value=”9659″/] to be a hooking monster. Brunswick was able to make the ulti-max even more angular. I think this was accomplished with a pearlized coverstock that helps the ball easily clear the heads, going longer before making its move towards the pocket.

The ulti-max has a great color combination that makes the bowling ball very appealing as it rolls down the lane.

Find some oil, keep your speed up, and let this bowling ball do all the work for you. Fantastic job Brunswick.

Bowling Video

Talk Bowling is Born

Brian Halstrom and I have been wanting to start a podcast all year.  We have kept putting it off for one reason or another, but we finally bit the bullet and shot the video this week.

We decided to call the podcast, TalkBowling, and its home is at

We would really like to get some feedback on the show.  I know I personally need to loosen up, but it was definitely fun and different.


Izzy Video – Thumb’s Up

I just subscribed to Izzy Video’s Premium Membership and am very impressed.  If you sign up now through 9/28/08 you can save 20% by using promotion code 20b42.

Israel has just decided to quit his job to follow his passion for creating video content.  Which is just like Gary Vaynerchuck in a previous post recommended, Make Money Doing What You Love.

I decided to ask Israel a question that has been bugging me about video for and he responded within an hour of my question.  He really seems to be on top of things and I really appreciate the personal response.

If you haven’t seen his work, check out the free episodes that are available on his website.  If you like them, I recommend checking out the premium membership.  It’s only a few dollars a month.