Roto-Grip Rogue Cell Bowling Ball Reaction Video

The [bowlingball value=”6991″/] is a GREAT bowling ball. Read my review in a previous post.

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Finally! Thanks John. I am a stroker like you are and am looking for a heavier oil ball that will be a little forgiving if I miss my mark. I had been debating between the Virtual Gravity and the Original Cell until I seen this was coming out. I am assuming that it being a hybrid coverstock I will still get more reaction than a pearl but won't have to put it away as soon a solid. Is that correct?

Great analysis of the ball. I was extremely impressed by the versatility of this ball. It doesn't hook quite as much as the Virtual Gravity, but it definitely gets down the lane and hooks great.

I really like the hybrid coverstock. I was a little timid at first, not quite knowing what to expect. But the ball rolled phenomenally.

I am not envious of the decision ahead of you. Between the Virtual Gravity and the Rogue Cell, I don't know if I could choose. The VG just feels so right in my hand, and hooks a ton. But the Rogue Cell was very impressive my first few games out. We didn't shoot anywhere near the same amount of footage to put this video together. It just struck very well for us. We actually ended up with a ton of great footage, it was hard to pick what to include.

I think I remember hearing you had to polish up the VG to get it to roll right for you, did you have to do anything to the cover of the Rogue Cell?

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