Roto-Grip Rogue Cell Bowling Ball Review

The new Roto-Grip Rogue Cell is the latest in the Cell Line from Roto-Grip.

Based on the drilling instruction included with the ball, I went with the 5×3, 2″ buffer. This was touted as the Layout Everybody Needs. The pin is 5″ from my PAP, the MB is 3″ from the PAP and the Pin is 2″ off the VAL.

While shooting our video, I was highly impressed with the overall reaction of this bowling ball. Keeping in mind that I am only a 180-190 average bowler, it took very few takes to shoot good video with this bowling ball.

There was another bowler that looked at the ball and was very curious about the coverstock. The Hybrid coverstock is a very nice blend of a solid and a pearlized cover. This gave the ball great length and power to grip it and rip it back to the pocket.

What a great bowling ball. Great job Roto-Grip.

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I was able to get a pre-release Rogue Cell from my local pro shop. The pro shop drilled it using the dual-angle method (I don't know what the angles were). I found my PAP to be 4 1/2" right on the mid-line. The pin, cg, and mass bias all ended up in similar positions to your ball John. This is where I get confused. My ball ended up needing a weight hole. It was put in a spot almost straight right of my fingers (it might be above my pap on the val, but not sure, didn't ask), which I thought was odd, as I normally see them on the pap or below it. I assume the specs of our balls were different, as I just don't understand this whole weight-hole thing (my ball has a 2.5-3" pin and 2.68oz. of top weight). I understand why they are needed (USBC rules, no more than 1oz. of side weight), but I don't understand how two layouts can look so similar, yet be so different. Maybe this is topic that you guys can hit up on Talk Bowling sometime soon? From the basic; why they are needed, to the more complex; how it is determined that they are needed, and how the placement affects ball reaction.

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