Brunswick Slingshots

I threw the new [bowlingball value=”8150″/] last night and think I found my new favorite bowling ball. I will get a chance to try it out in league a little more before I make such a grandiose statement.

This bowling ball goes very long, which I tend to like with my lower ball speed. But it still hits like a truck. I know it has the old Danger Zone coverstock, which doesn’t mean a ton to me, but that used to be a bowling ball that people absolutely had to have when it came out.

The Brunswick Slingshot comes in 5 different colors.

[bowlingball value=”8150,i100l”/]
[bowlingball value=”8151,i100r”/]

[bowlingball value=”8152,i100l”/][bowlingball value=”8153,i100r”/]

[bowlingball value=”8154,i100″/]