Watch me throw the Brunswick C-System Ulti-Max

[bowlingball value=”9659″/]

Based on the [bowlingball value=”9120″/], I was expecting The [bowlingball value=”9659″/] to be a hooking monster. Brunswick was able to make the ulti-max even more angular. I think this was accomplished with a pearlized coverstock that helps the ball easily clear the heads, going longer before making its move towards the pocket.

The ulti-max has a great color combination that makes the bowling ball very appealing as it rolls down the lane.

Find some oil, keep your speed up, and let this bowling ball do all the work for you. Fantastic job Brunswick.

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Brunswick Anaconda Bowling Ball

[bowlingball value=”8535,i150″/]

Based on my speed and rev rate, I expected the [bowlingball value=”8535″/] to match up well for me because of the polished coverstock. I seem to throw polished bowling balls better because that helps me get the ball further down the lane. This bowling ball was very smooth, controllable, and the color combination worked well for my eyes to see the motion.

You can see in the bowling ball reaction video that I had a lot of area at the break point. If you watch the video, you can see me swing it out to about board 7 on one shot and tug it to only about 13 on another, and both gave me great looks into the pocket.

[bowlingball value=”8535,longdesc”/]

The [bowlingball value=”8535″/] is currently selling for [bowlingball value=”8535,price”/] and rates a [bowlingball value=”8535,ps”/].


Brunswick Revolver

[bowlingball value=”8536,i150″/]

Brunswick has had a couple of great releases lately, and the [bowlingball value=”8536″/] is one of them. The [bowlingball value=”8536″/] bowling ball looks like a great compliment to the [bowlingball value=”8504″/] and the [bowlingball value=”8535″/] as it fits right in the middle.

It rolls great from start to finish and the darker color allows me to see the bowling ball reaction all the way down the lane. As the lanes start to break down from the C-System, I see a great transition ball in the Brunswick Revolver.

[bowlingball value=”8536,longdesc”/]

The [bowlingball value=”8536″/] is currently selling for [bowlingball value=”8536,price”/] and rates a [bowlingball value=”8536,ps”/].


Brunswick C System 4.5

[bowlingball value=”8504,i150″/]

The [bowlingball value=”8504″/] is set to be released on 7/12/2010. has shot a bowling ball reaction video and it looks amazing. I have learned that a symmetrical core is a very controllable ball reaction. Brunswick has been a leader in bowling ball technology, and the new I-Block Symmetric Core shows of their skills.

[bowlingball value=”8504,longdesc”/]

The [bowlingball value=”8504″/] is currently selling for [bowlingball value=”8504,price”/] and rates a [bowlingball value=”8504,ps”/].

[bowlingball value=”topsellers,”]


Brunswick Slingshots

I threw the new [bowlingball value=”8150″/] last night and think I found my new favorite bowling ball. I will get a chance to try it out in league a little more before I make such a grandiose statement.

This bowling ball goes very long, which I tend to like with my lower ball speed. But it still hits like a truck. I know it has the old Danger Zone coverstock, which doesn’t mean a ton to me, but that used to be a bowling ball that people absolutely had to have when it came out.

The Brunswick Slingshot comes in 5 different colors.

[bowlingball value=”8150,i100l”/]
[bowlingball value=”8151,i100r”/]

[bowlingball value=”8152,i100l”/][bowlingball value=”8153,i100r”/]

[bowlingball value=”8154,i100″/]


Siege Bowling Ball

The [bowlingball value=”7128″/] is one of my favorite bowling balls. I still have it in my arsenal, long after its release date, which says a lot about a bowling ball. Check it out for your self.

[bowlingball value=”7128,i150″/]

Currently selling for [bowlingball value=”7128,price”/].

[bowlingball value=”7128,longdesc”/]


Brunswick Siege Bowling Balls

Brunswick is coming out with a brand new line of bowling balls in their “Pro Performance Line”.

The first in this series is the [bowlingball value=”7128″/].  It features the new MACE asymmetrical core which is supposed to be the strongest core made by Brunswick.  As usual, I can’t wait to be able to give a full report of my findings for these bowling balls.

[bowlingball value=”7128,i150l”/]

Here is the information straight from Brunswick Bowling:

The deadly [bowlingball value=”7128″/] is the first in our new series of Pro Performance balls and features the new MACE asymmetrical core as well as the new solid Recoil coverstock. This is a strong ball that battles heavy oil and responds quickly to friction for great pin action.


M.A.C.E. ” Mechanical Asymmetric Core Engineering. The MACE™ core has three major benefits, Ultra Low RG core system to engage the Recoil coverstock, High RG differential to aid in traction through heavy oil and High RG asymmetric differential to quicken the response time to friction. Designed as a two component elliptical core
system, the MACE core is dynamically the strongest asymmetric core ever produced for a Brunswick ball.


Introducing Recoil™ coverstock the next extension in Brunswick coverstock technology. Recoil is a revolutionary coverstock developed by Brunswick to improve the mid-lane and backend traction of the ball on today’s slicker oils and lane surfaces. The Recoil coverstock was discovered through testing of new formulation additives and process changes in coverstock manufacturing.

Ball Motion

The Siege™ unites the new Recoil coverstock and the MACE core to produce a ball motion that is both aggressive in the oil and aggressive on the backend. The Siege is your ball when your game needs help battling heavy oil conditions and poor pin action.

Seize the lanes, Conquer the pins, Defeat your opponent!!

Micro Finishing Pads

Micro finishing pads have revolutionized the bowling industry by creating smooth surface finishes that many bowlers would assume are polished with a wax or similar compound. The benefit to the bowler is these finishes create length similar to balls coated with compound finishes, but are better able to handle today’s thicker oils and carrydown. The Siege is finished with 1000-grit micro pads driven by the new Haus high speed bowling ball resurfacing machine.

Reaction Characteristics

Out of the Box: With its 1000-grit micro pad finish, the Siege will provide excellent mid-lane recovery and a strong continuous backend reaction that matches up on medium to oily lane conditions for a wide range of bowling styles.

If your Siege goes too long:. A smooth surface will sometimes cause the ball to go too long before breaking. To get your Siege rolling sooner, dull the surface with a 500-grit micro pad. To further increase hooking action, use a rougher abrasive to create an earlier reaction.

If your Siege hooks too early: Smooth your Siege with 2000-grit micro pad to increase the length. If more length is needed smooth the surface to 4000-grit micro pad. If more length is still desired use Brunswick’s Factory Finish High Gloss Polish to increase length to the maximum.

Reaction Setup: The Siege can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for asymmetric bowling balls.


New Release: Brunswick Rattler

Looking for a Mid Performance bowling ball for those pesky lane conditions where a High Performance bowling ball is just too much?

You might want to choose the new [bowlingball value=”6967″/].

[bowlingball value=”6967,i150″/]

The [bowlingball value=”6967″/] strikes, and strikes, and strikes again. With a ball reaction like a snake attacking its prey, the Rattler uncoils and drives hard and fast through the backend with a vicious attack. The Rattler provides unmatched reaction at the performance price point. Don’t be caught without one in your bag.

Activator Coverstock: The [bowlingball value=”6967″/] is the first ball with Activator coverstock available at the performance price point. The original Activator coverstock used on the Rattler is a proven formula that provides strong downlane recovery, longevity of ball reaction, and unprecedented durability with superior resistance to cracking.

Low RG Rocket Core
The Rattler uses Brunswick™s Multi-Sided Rocket Core System, providing a low RG core that when combined with the original Activator produces a ball reaction that is unmatched at the performance price point. Clean through the front with an aggressive move at the breakpoint, the Rattler gives amazing bang for the buck. There isn’t another ball in this class that’s even close.

High Gloss Finish
The Rattler is finished with Brunswick’s Factory Finish High Gloss Polish to maximize the skid-snap reaction out of the box. This surface preparation will allow most bowlers to match-up to both freshly oiled and moderately broken down house conditions.


New Release: Brunswick Wild Ride

Get ready for a Wild Ride…

Brunswick’s next high performance release is set to take the bowling industry for one. Keep an eye out for our next video being shot 1/15/2009. We should have it available the following week.

[bowlingball value=”6937″/] ConneXion!! The Wild Ride introduces ConneXion™, the new coverstock by Brunswick, that provides the wildest response at the break point ever seen in a Brunswick ball.


The [bowlingball value=”6937″/] migrates the proven medium RG Torsion Asymmetric core into the High Performance price point. This core/coverstock combination allows the Wild Ride to skid easily through the front part of the lane, dig in aggressively at the end of the mid-lane, then stick strong to to the back-end providing powerful traction hooking action off the break point. The ConneXion coverstock united with the familiar Torsion Asymmetric core provides a ride that is unbelievably wild.


Eighteen months in development, the new ConneXion coverstock has been fine-tuned to adhere to the lane providing unbelievable traction response from foul line to head pin. The [bowlingball value=”6937″/] pushes easily through the heads, staying on line to target on both light and heavy oil conditions; both when the lanes are freshly oiled or when they’ve broken down. The wild side of the ConneXion coverstock comes alive when the ball reaches the end of the oil pattern and then aggressively connects to the back-ends. The traction created provides a strong recoil reaction to the pocket that results in the most angular skid-snap reaction ever produced in a Brunswick ball. The aggressive connection of the Wild Ride to the lane surface inspires the confidence in the ball reaction that allows bowlers to play the lanes the way they want to.