Talk Bowling Episode #12 Released

Today, TalkBowling episode #12 was released. This episode is mostly geared towards new bowlers that aren’t sure of the difference between conventional and fingertip grips. We are very excited to be doing this and really appreciate all the support that we have received.

Bowling Video

Talk Bowling – Episode 5 – Bowling Shoes

Today, released episode 5 of Talk Bowling.

This episode is the first one where we used a green screen for a better production feel.  Until we get better lighting, it may be a little tricky to make it look 100% perfect.  But it is fun anyway.

This time we tackle bowling shoesBrandon asked us about the differences in bowling shoes. 

We discussed the slide soles that are found on universal shoes.  Why you want traction on your non-slide foot.  And the advantage of high performance bowling shoes, like the [bowlingball value=”6330″/].