Testing the Roto-Grip Cell Pearl

[bowlingball value=”6695,i150r”/]

I am excited to bowl tonight. I get to test Roto-Grip’s newest release that comes out October 13, 2008, the [bowlingball value=”6695″/]. I know that the original [bowlingball value=”6053″/] was a fantastic bowling ball. I can only assume that the new bowling ball is going to go a little longer because of the pearlized coverstock and possibly store more energy for a great back end hook.

I am going to drill the ball with the #1 drilling layout. This layout has the Pin and Mass Bias 4″ from my PAP. I will post my review of the [bowlingball value=”6695″/] tomorrow.

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My Review of the new Roto Grip Cell Pearl…

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The technologically advanced and performance proven Nucleus™ core delivers continuous predictable motion for all types of bowlers. The Cytoplasmic X™ pearl reactive coverstock is a first in the industry with the opti…

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