Lane #1 Pink Panther Bowling Ball Review

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Like most bowlers, I was shocked by the bright pink color. However, I was completely surprised about how much I liked the roll of the Pink Panther Bowling Ball.

When I threw the ball well, it had a great smooth reaction. I did not feel like I had to “work” this bowling ball in any manner. It was very controllable and predictable through the midlane and backend. The Pink Panther is going to have a spot in my bowling bag this season.

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Lane #1 Time Bomb Review

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I was thrilled with this bowling ball. If I were bowling in the summer, it would be added to my bag. It was very strong through the pin deck. As with many of the other Lane #1 bowling balls lately, you need oil under the ball. It likes to grab and go.

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The [bowlingball value=”8740″/] is currently selling for [bowlingball value=”8740,price”/] and rates a [bowlingball value=”8740,ps”/].


Storm Virtual Gravity Bowling Ball Review

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[bowlingball value=”6810″/], An Unstoppable Force from Storm.

Pin to PAP(4 1/2″ over 0″ up) – 3 3/8″
Mass Bias Position – 1″ right of center line
Balance Hole – 7/8″ x 1 1/2″ deep on the PAP

Surface Preparation – Factory Finish Polish (4000 grit Abralon)

What I Was Looking For In This Ball Layout:
This was my first bowling ball in the Shift line so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I knew that Tony and Brian really liked their previous ones.

What I Ended Up With in the Ball and Layout:
I first tried to use the ball at its out of box finish. With my lower ball speed it was hard to get the ball down the lane because of its huge hooking potential.

I then polished it up with some Factory Finish High Gloss polish. What a huge difference. We were able to shoot our ball reaction video on a fresh house shot and you need to watch it to see. Tony and Brian were playing ridiculous angles with this ball.

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Bowling Video

Hammer’s The Sauce Review

Hammer’s The Sauce is their first high performance bowling ball release in a long time. Hammer has had so much success with their Black Widow series of bowling balls, that it was time to introduce a high performance ball again.

Pin to PAP(4 1/4″ over 0″ up/down) – 5″
CG to PAP – 4 1/2″
Balance Hole – none
Surface Preparation – Box Finish

My Personal Review: The expectations that people have of this ball are correct. I have heard from some Hammer staff players that this was going to be an amazing bowling ball, and they were right. I only average in the 180’s currently, but absolutely love this ball. You will notice in our videos that I often get very little attention. That changed in the last video, this ball rolled so well for me that I had a bigger part than usual.

The ball cleared the heads easily, and had a strong continuation on the backends that sent pins flying.

I highly recommend this ball for bowlers of all skill levels.