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Hammer’s The Sauce Review

Hammer’s The Sauce is their first high performance bowling ball release in a long time. Hammer has had so much success with their Black Widow series of bowling balls, that it was time to introduce a high performance ball again.

Pin to PAP(4 1/4″ over 0″ up/down) – 5″
CG to PAP – 4 1/2″
Balance Hole – none
Surface Preparation – Box Finish

My Personal Review: The expectations that people have of this ball are correct. I have heard from some Hammer staff players that this was going to be an amazing bowling ball, and they were right. I only average in the 180’s currently, but absolutely love this ball. You will notice in our videos that I often get very little attention. That changed in the last video, this ball rolled so well for me that I had a bigger part than usual.

The ball cleared the heads easily, and had a strong continuation on the backends that sent pins flying.

I highly recommend this ball for bowlers of all skill levels.