New Release: Hammer Hot Sauce Pearl

Hammer is at it again, adding to their flavorful line of Sauce bowling
balls. Get ready for their newest release coming to you on February 3,
2009, [bowlingball value=”6936″/].

Put the heat on the competition with the [bowlingball value=”6936″/], Hammer’s most dangerous ball yet.

Wrapped in the new Skid Flip Aggressive Edge Coverstock and loaded
with an already-proven Contrusion core, the [bowlingball value=”6936″/] is an
aggressive combination of power and control that’ll provide even more
backend in front of the pins and quickly set your game on fire.

[bowlingball value=”6936,i150″/]


  • Coverstock: Skid/Flip Aggressive Edge Reactive
  • Color: Black.Blue/Purple Pearl
  • Factory Finish: 2000 Grit Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • Core: Contrusion Core Shape; Low Mass Bias Non-Symmetric
  • RG: 16# – 2.45 15# – 2.45 14# – 2.46
  • Differential: 16# – .050 15# – .050 14# – .048
  • Performance: Aggressive skid/flip with strong backend continuation


I Shot 647 in my Bowling League Last Night

While this isn’t my high series, it is for AMF Deltona Lanes.

I started the night with my [bowlingball value=”4444″/]. I love the way this ball rolls when 1) I roll it well, and 2) the lanes accept it. It goes so long and because of the solid black, you can see the transition so well. So I shot a 201 first game.

Second game I changed to the [bowlingball value=”6811″/]. With a couple of really bad shots I squeeked out a 195. So going into the third game I was -4.

Note: What do I mean by -4? Most bowlers base scores on a 200 average. So after game one, I was +1. Game two I was -5, so I was averaging -4. So I needed to shoot 204 in the third game to shoot 600. Back to my bowling now…

In the third game a continued to use the [bowlingball value=”6811″/]. I started spare in the first frame, and strike in the second. In the third frame I decided to just throw the bowling ball into the gutter on the first ball. Somehow I rebounded a almost ran the sheet. I struck through the second ball in the tenth. My final score for the third game was 252, giving me a 647 series.

[bowlingball value=”4444,i150l”/][bowlingball value=”6811,i150r”/]


Hammer’s Raw Hammer Acid – Coming Soon

[bowlingball value=”6846,i150r”/]
Hammer’s newest mid performance bowling ball, the [bowlingball value=”6846″/] is going to be released on December 2nd. I can’t wait to receive our seed balls in so that we can test them and give you our feed back on this bowling ball. I have a very good feeling about it from everything I have heard from Hammer Bowling.

There’s nothing safe about the [bowlingball value=”6846″/]. Made with our Max-Hook Reactive coverstock and Raw Hammer Assault core, we’ve designed it to be dangerous from the outside in; a scary combination of power and control you won’t find in any other mid-level ball. The Hammer Raw Hammer Acid. Let the pins burn.

We are looking forward to possibly getting our hands on this ball early to do a little testing. If we do get these in early, we’ll make sure to shoot a video!

Ball Features:

  • Core: Raw Hammer Assault Core
  • Coverstock: Max-Hook Reactive
  • Factory Finish: 4000 Grit Abralon
  • Flare Potential: Medium-High
Bowling Video

Hammer’s The Sauce Review

Hammer’s The Sauce is their first high performance bowling ball release in a long time. Hammer has had so much success with their Black Widow series of bowling balls, that it was time to introduce a high performance ball again.

Pin to PAP(4 1/4″ over 0″ up/down) – 5″
CG to PAP – 4 1/2″
Balance Hole – none
Surface Preparation – Box Finish

My Personal Review: The expectations that people have of this ball are correct. I have heard from some Hammer staff players that this was going to be an amazing bowling ball, and they were right. I only average in the 180’s currently, but absolutely love this ball. You will notice in our videos that I often get very little attention. That changed in the last video, this ball rolled so well for me that I had a bigger part than usual.

The ball cleared the heads easily, and had a strong continuation on the backends that sent pins flying.

I highly recommend this ball for bowlers of all skill levels.